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TPM Magazine

My patterns are illustrating some of the pages of the latest edition of TPM Magazine. Very happy with the result of this collaboration.

Here is the transcript of my interview:


In 2006, a maternity leave made Camilla rethink her life in New York where she lived. She stopped to ask herself what she really liked to do, which included drawing - an old passion - in the company of her son.


Not surprisingly, she always took care of the look of her presentations and spreadsheets while working in the financial market, which led her to the Big Apple. She then decided to take some courses in graphic design, and after a few years, she took her first job in the area. For three years now she has been living making patterns at her studio - Oak Print Design.


"I started to pay more attention to the flora and its details," she says. Although living in freezing Montreal since 2012 (her husband is Canadian), Camilla creates designs with tropical motifs that can be seen on fabrics, cushions and sneakers. "When I go to warm countries, I walk outside a lot, take pictures and harvest the inspirations for my next collections.”


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