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Hi, I’m Camilla de Carvalho. I'm from Brazil and I live in Montreal, Canada. 


As a child I've always enjoyed drawing and doodling but I never pictured myself pursuing that career path. After working many years in another field, I decided to pursue my passion and now I work as a surface pattern designer and illustrator. 


My Brazilian heritage is definitely present in the bold patterns through nature inspired motifs and eye-catching color combinations that create an expressive feel and statement.  I love to walk around outdoors taking pictures of leaves, flowers, buds and everything else that might inspire me. With all those pictures in mind, I then draw, draw and draw….and before I realize a new pattern collection comes up, fresh and clean. 


I have a wide range of designs great for use in fabrics, stationery, apparel, children's market and home decor industry. If you are interested in working with me or licensing any of my current portfolio, I would love to hear from you. Let’s talk!

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